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How to Handle Negative Feedbacks In The Workplace

19/01/21 11:52

It’s always hard to handle negative feedbacks from others, especially from bosses or peers who meet us during 8 hours a day. Although most of us understand that nobody’s perfect, hardly can we like to hear about our imperfections. However, the better you manage the criticism at work, the better leadership quality you build up for yourself.   

Try some tips to handle negative feedbacks that you receive, please!

How to handle negative feedbacks in the workplace

  1. Don't be consumed by the criticism.

It’s not easy to absorb negative feedbacks without instinctively getting emotional. However, it’s really important for you to react as rationally as possible especially at work. If it helps, take a deep breath and wait until you have a bit of distance to think about the situation and criticism more clearly. If it’s unfair or needs an explanation, you still don’t necessarily need to respond immediately. Give yourself some space and you can absorb the information as well as have time to plan a suitable response.

  1. Find the Merit in Constructive Criticism The truism - no pain, no gain - applies to so many aspects of life. Criticism is important for personal and professional growth. After all, no one is perfect and everyone has to take time to improve. Even if the criticism is not always communicated in the best way, you can choose to turn a negative experience or set of comments into something positive by your own view. You can fix a problem that you don’t realize you have. So, keep calm and find the point, first!
  2. Avoid Harmful Critiques  Sometimes, criticism may come from a bad place. If someone is trying to undermine you for no reason but to get ahead, out of politics, spite, or just jealousy, don’t have to take the sort of criticism lying down! It is the time to stand your ground and call out the person on what they are doing. The point of this is not to escalate tensions but simply to confront someone for a groundless attack. This difficult type of confrontation can make you frustrated sometimes, but it will be worth.
  3. Don’t forget to say Thank-You  When someone gives you advice or a critique that’s meant to help you succeed, consider the fact that the person sharing that information with you may feel awkward in doing so. Often it’s much easier to let an issue slide or simply accept the status quo. The fact that someone is actually willing to risk a negative reaction from you may sometimes warrant your gratitude. It may not feel good, but sometimes criticism is good for you and worth of thanks in anyway.
  4. Make  Changes if necessary To roll with criticism also means to implement changes. Rarely is criticism something so fundamental to your personality or life approach that you can’t make some improvements in response. If your manager or colleagues see that you can take negative feedback and actually implement changes, you’ll be respected for not only being confident enough to receive negative feedback—but proactive and flexible enough to react to it.




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