• Mức lương:
    Trên 75 Triệu VNĐ
  • Kinh nghiệm:
    Trên 3 năm
  • Hình thức:
    Cố định
  • Cấp bậc:
    Chuyên viên
  • Lĩnh vực:
  • Nơi làm việc:

Phúc lợi dành cho bạn

  • Opportunity to learn and develop, chance to companion with a potential company

  • Staying in a friendly and spiritual space (weekly tea break, weekly sports time and annual holiday).

  • Free lunch at office, free motorbike parking

  • Obtaining guidance and awareness of advanced technologies.

  • Have chance to own company shares after 12 months;

  • Working in a young and professional environment.

  • Creating impactful products for community

  • Receiving social insurance according to Vietnamese Government regulations.

Mô tả công việc

  • Develop machine learning models for EEG/EMG/EOG brain signal recognition, to predict user states such as focus, stress, emotion, sleep stages, and other relevant information
  • Analyze, apply signal processing algorithms to, or build models for large amounts of data from different sources that provide insights into user's states and behaviors
  • Develop and maintain recommendation systems and health assistants using advanced machine learning techniques
  • Research brain and auditory stimulations for sleep enhancement, cognitive function improvement, psychology treatment and other unlocking brain potentials
  • Work closely with other team members, including neuroscientists, software engineers, and product managers, to deliver high-quality products and services
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop and implement algorithms and models to solve complex problems.

Yêu cầu công việc

  • Bachelor's, Master's degree (Ph.D. preferred) or higher in Computer Science, data science, machine learning, or a related field.
  • At least 3 years of experience in building machine learning models and applying machine learning techniques in the industry
  • Strong programming skills in Python (and/or C/C++) and experience with deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Keras
  • Optional 1: Strong knowledge of signal processing techniques and/or experience working with EEG brain signals
  • Optional 2: Experience with natural language processing (c), chatbot and/or recommendation systems,...
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills & good communication and collaboration skills


  • Quy mô công ty:
    50 - 99
  • Địa chỉ:
    Tầng 10, Tháp A, Toà nhà TNR Sky Tower, số 88 Láng Hạ, Phường Láng Hạ, Quận Đống Đa, Thành phố Hà Nội, Việt Nam, Hà Nội
  • Website:

Earable® Neuroscience is a deep tech company delivering scalable, human-centric solutions that improve sleep and all-day focus.

Earable® Neuroscience invented FRENZ™ - the world's most accurate consumer brainband that can track and stimulate brain activity for better sleep, focus, and relaxation. FRENZ™ Brainband is the recipient of multiple prestigious scientific awards and holds 15 patents globally.