HR1 Jobs – a subsidiary of HR1 Vietnam (headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City), is a human resources recruitment platform specialized in the information technology (IT) field. Thanks to the leadership of our CEO, who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and a team of longtime experts, HR1 Jobs can support the recruitment needs for domestic and multinational companies. HR1 Jobs would like to bring resource development prospects to many cities not only in Vietnam but also in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Nowadays, IT has become an industry that has a significant influence on the development of businesses. But many recruiters are having difficulties in finding qualified Talents in this field, so HR1 Jobs was born to connect IT Employers and Candidates. To conquer the journey filled with many challenges yet very promising, HR1 Jobs aims to meet the needs of Employers thoroughly in terms of the quality of the human resources in digital technology.


In HR1, building an ethical and prosperous community is our top priority. By saying prosperity, we mean not just for HR1 staff or their family members, but it is also for the contribution of our society. HR1 considers Caring as a brick in building our foundation. In every circumstance, HR1 Vietnam always puts people and our employees at the center as human resources place an integral part in the development of any organization. The quality of life in each member of HR1 is a prerequisite for building a humane society, through supporting and sharing difficulties with the unlucky people with charitable activities at the orphanages, nursing homes, schools, and educational centers. 


As our name – HR1 Vietnam – Human Resources Number 1 Vietnam implies, the company aspires to become a company that not only understands the Vietnamese human resources market but also is a potential partner of companies in the Asia Pacific region and worldwide. To keep up with the changes in the market, HR1 Vietnam has built up the core values that prioritize Prestige. We always strive to foster our strength and create opportunities for our outstanding employees to study abroad to improve their skills, and then bring the best personnel service to meet the requirements of our customers.